GIE+EXPO Workshops

Newly Expanded to Include Brain Food for Breakfast

Attend the expanded GIE+EXPO Workshops for an exciting, motivational sample of the full conference program specifically for contractors and lawn & landscape professionals, grounds managers and hardscape installers. The Workshops are sponsored by the Professional Landcare Network and Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

Each session is $50 and pre-registration is required. If you have already registered and want to reserve your spot in the Workshops, use your dashboard password and click here. If you need assistance call Sellers Expositions, (800) 558-8767.

2013 GIE+EXPO Workshop Schedule
Thursday, October 24

Light breakfast included.
Common Problems, Simple Solutions.

An under-the-hood look at the office system that propels one of the industry’s most successful companies

Mark BradleyMark Bradley, President, TBG Landscape and the Landscape Management Network

Mark Bradley started TBG Landscape in 1997 but in just over 10 years he grew TBG to one of the Top 100 landscape companies in North America. But you don’t grow that big, that fast without finding simple, sustainable solutions to a lot of hard problems along the way. Join Mark as he guides you through 10 simple systems that solve the problems that hold back the potential of so many landscape businesses. Attendees will learn how Mark’s company sets up accounting so it’s useful, builds a plan for profit, calculates the right price for every job, sets up estimates for easy jobcosting, merges payroll and jobcosting, motivates employees to think like owners and much more. If you don’t take away 20 fresh ideas for your business, you must have stepped out of the room.

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Hardscape Session 1
Adding Hardscape Installation to your Company’s Success

Pat McCrindlePat McCrindle, MPS, Inc. McCrindle Paver Systems

New to hardscapes? If you are considering adding hardscapes to the list of services that your company offers, this workshop will answer some of the many questions you might have. Learn about the equipment, training and capital investment you will need to get started, and start planning the best structure for your work crews and how to approach promotion of your new services. This workshop will be conducted by one of the top trainers in the industry, who brings with him the knowledge accumulated over numerous years of hands-on experience as a contractor and business owner.

Bio – Pat McCrindle: Pat has over 30 years of experience installing interlocking concrete pavers and segmental retaining walls. His company, McCrindle Paving Systems, offers full installation of all hardscaping, landscaping, lighting, water features and landscape construction. Pat has been an ICPI-authorized instructor since 1996 and has taught more than 100 installer courses. He is experienced in installing residential, commercial and municipal applications, including roof top pedestal, mechanical and bituminous/ neoprene applications, and he has installed in excess of 5 million square feet of pavers and 1 million square feet of SRW.

1:30 – 2:45 p.m. PLANET Session A
Understanding Your Sales Process:
Is it all about YOU or all about the CLIENT?

Jason CuppJason Cupp, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, Kincaide, Ltd; PLANET Trailblazer and Consultant Member

Most companies don't have a sales process, and if they do, it is not written - or worse yet - steps are skipped or forgotten. In this engaging, sales-focused session, Jason will share his own personal sales process that he used in his own design/build maintenance company - that went from being focused on his company to being client centric in just one short season. Jason will share his client letters, the process, the sales meeting agenda and how he created a client-focused process from first phone call to getting paid.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • An understanding of the importance of a defined sales process
  • Knowledge of how to transform your sales process to focus on your clients
  • Tips and strategies for client-centric communications and focus

Bio – Jason Cupp: Jason Cupp is a former green industry CEO of 23 years turned growth consultant. His focus is on growing companies of all sizes and industries through team building and analysis, human resources, sales, marketing, public relations, social media, information marketing, profitability and financial analysis. Jason is the only consultant in the green industry who is Kolbe Certified. Kolbe is a Natural Instincts Index that he has successfully used with over 1,200 employees across the U.S. It predicts success in job applicants and employees, eliminating and reducing making a bad hire. Jason is heavily involved in the green industry and PLANET, including serving the association as a past president and is active in the Interior Specialty Group. Jason is a featured speaker, published author, collaborator, contributor and facilitator.

3:00 – 4:15 p.m. PLANET Session B
Ten Ways Significant Money Is Slipping
Out Your Back Door and You Don’t Even Realize It!

Jonathan PototschnikJonathan Pototschnik, Service Autopilot, PLANET Consultant Member

Your business has hundreds of invisible leaks costing you a substantial amount of money. The challenge is finding these leaks. Knowing where they are and which ones to focus on is the key to capturing these dollars. These holes are about much more than expenses. They span marketing, your sales process, estimating, time management, operations and managing your employees. Fixing one will improve profits; fixing the right 10 will catapult profits.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • New ideas to identify and stop profits slipping out the back door of their businesses
  • A step-by-step guide to find and fix the top 10 holes in their business
  • Understanding industry norms and which ones to question
  • Just one idea from this presentation will quickly return 10 to 100 times your investment

Bio – Jonathan Pototschnik: Jonathan started his first lawn mowing business at 15. After his freshman year of college he left the business and took a job at a software company. In 2004 he returned to the industry. Jonathan says, “If I were starting over today, of all the service businesses, I would start a business in the lawn care & landscape industry. There are challenges ahead and I have concerns regarding aspects of the industry, but the green industry is a fantastic industry full of potential.”

He is the co-founder & CEO of Service Autopilot and founding partner at CitiTurf. Service Autopilot is software that helps green industry business owners automate and systematize their business through technology. If you want to take control of your time, scheduling, expenses, employees, marketing, profits and life … Service Autopilot is the solution. Jonathan is highly involved in the industry and provides a tremendous amount of free advice through

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Friday, October 25

Presented by Total Landscape Care and Equipment World magazines. Light breakfast included.
Calculating your equipment's owning and operating costs

Tom JacksonTom Jackson, Executive Editor, Equipment World

Most small contractors don't realize the purchase price of a piece of yellow iron is one of the least expensive components in an owning-and-operating formula. You also have to calculate labor, fuel, maintenance, repairs, taxes and the resale value of that piece of equipment. In this session we'll run through the elements of a sound O&O calculation for the three most commonly used pieces of equipment in landscape construction: the skid steer, compact excavator and backhoe and show you how to accurately price the work you do with these machines by the hour or ton or cubic yard or any other measurement that fits your business needs.

Bio – Tom Jackson: Tom Jackson has more than 30 years’ experience in construction, woodworking and journalism. As a staff editor he has written and produced articles for Better Homes and Gardens, WOOD magazine and Woodworker's Journal. Since 1999 he has been the executive editor of Equipment World magazine where he writes about heavy equipment maintenance, fleet management, engines and technology. He is a 1979 graduate of the University of Alabama, an Army veteran and father of two.

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Hardscape Session 2
Production Management and Crew Motivation on the Hardscape Jobsite

Frank GandoraSpeaker: Frank Gandora, Creative Hardscape

Creating and winning a bid is only half the story. Profits are made or lost on the job site. Learn valuable techniques that will motivate your crew, increase production and ensure a profitable project.

Bio – Frank Gandora: As the owner of a Colorado paver installation company dedicated solely to segmental hardscape construction, Frank brings 30+ years of hardscape experience to the table. His experience includes paver sales as well as contractor hardscape installation. He is an ICPI-Certified Installer, an ICPI-Authorized Instructor and a Certified Masonry Contractor with the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute. Frank was featured recently in Hardscape Magazine, and you’ll often see him enjoying a good cigar!

1:30 – 2:45 p.m. PLANET Session C
Why Not You? Five Strategic Actions You Can Take Now To Grow

Richard ArlingtonRichard Arlington, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, Rich Arlington and Associates; PLANET Trailblazer and Consultant Member

In the soil of disappointment the strongest minds grow. How do leaders take a failure and turn it into a success? In this session attendees will learn how to turn past experiences around, and in so doing, increase their potential and leadership skills. Richard Arlington will discuss five action steps you can incorporate into your daily life to improve your leadership abilities and your company’s strength in the marketplace. Learn from industry masters who follow these strategic steps to succeed in life and business.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • An understanding of how to learn from mistakes
  • More confidence – Believe in yourself.
  • A better knowledge of building real relationships – Treat every customer like a million-dollar client.
  • Knowledge of how to set goals and drive team purpose
  • Tools to lead by example and set high standards for yourself, your team and your company

Bio – Richard Arlington: Richard Arlington, Landscape Industry Certified Manager, possesses over 25 years of landscape and snow and ice management industry experience. He assists business owners and managers of all sized companies in various stages – from the emerging and middle-market company wishing to achieve the next level of service and revenue to the larger, seasoned company seeking to improve operations and increase their national reach and growth potential. His specialty is improving operational efficiencies and implementing successful bid processes and best business practices.

As a litigation consultant and contract law expert in landscape practices and snow and ice removal management, Rich has come to be known in the industry as a risk and liability management guru. Rich is dedicated to helping others achieve success in the industry and spends considerable time supporting associations like PLANET.

3:00 – 4:15 p.m. PLANET Session D
How to Build a Marketing Plan that Grows with your Lawn Care Business

Andrew PototschnikAndrew Pototschnik, Lawn Care Marketing Expert – PLANET Consultant

Lawn care operators large and small have the same marketing tools at their disposal. But only the savviest marketer using a combination of techniques will win the market.

In this talk learn the what and when of marketing. WHAT marketing tools you should implement and WHEN you should do so, as you grow from $100k to $10m+.

When is offline marketing most effective? When should you dedicate time and resources to social media? What is the most effective marketing tool for increasing customer value?

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • Strategies on how to use marketing to squeeze more profits from lawn care clients.
  • The often-overlooked steps in an online marketing program you MUST NOT SKIP.
  • A list of marketing misconceptions that cost you money.

Bio – Andrew Pototschnik: Andrew Pototschnik is the founder of Lawn Care Marketing Expert, the leading marketing agency serving lawn care & landscaping companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Over the past 17 years he has developed countless online marketing strategies for budding small and large LCOs alike.

His team of Lawn Care Marketing Experts has built a reputation for honest and ethical practices; delivering quality scalable marketing plans with real measurable results. Their industry-leading practices have helped cement Lawn Care Marketing Expert's reputation as the go-to agency for lawn care and landscaping owners hungry to grow to $1,000,000 in sales and beyond.

Andrew is an active writer and speaker at many industry events and is involved in several marketing and business mastermind sessions with industry leaders each year. He is passionate about education and regularly contributes free marketing tips and advice to his Lawn Care Marketing blog.

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