Technology Seminar

4-5:30 PM
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Sponsored by PGMS

Tony Gondick

Anthony Gondick: IT Business Strategy Manager – Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Engines Division

Sponsored by PGMSAvoiding the Temptation of Enabling our Robotic Overlords

We are in an age of constant and amazing technological advances! Smart homes, smart cars and smart devices are becoming more mobile and smarter. These solutions present an amazing juncture for humankind. But…are we moving too quickly to see the dangers ahead? This presentation will review current trends in IT related to: Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, the growth of more mobile technology and the amount of information being collected by the “Internet of Things.”

Using relevant current examples, this presentation will:

  • Provide insight into the growth trajectory of these trends impacting traditional and non-traditional ideas
  • Show how they can create time-saving solutions, but also potential ethical issues
  • Raise awareness to the downside of giving up too much control

Through humor, social media and some pop culture references, this presentation will take a light-hearted view on whether the world is adopting a responsible approach to using these technologies or simply giving up too much decision making to our robotic overlords.